Spiritual Resources

Here at Two Rivers Catholic, we want to provide you with continually updated resources to help you deepen your faith life as you journey with Christ. You will find links to websites where you will find many different videos, podcasts, and articles to peruse, as well as highlighted talks and articles that we have found fruitful in our own adventures with Christ.

Wild Goose TV – Metanoia Series

Metanoia means a transformative change of heart, or change in one’s way of life.

Watch this life changing series with Father Dave Pivonka TOR and 10th Hour Productions, a non-profit outreach of 4PM Media producing resources that will enhance your faith journey. The series is available for free, but there is an optional donation if you want to donate. To get started, follow the steps to the right.

To come back at a later date, once your login is setup, go to wildgoose.tv and click on “sign in”.

  1. Click on the picture above or go to wildgoose.tv
  2. Click on “Get Started”
  3. Click on the blue button, “Sign Up”
  4. Setup your account (it asks for donation, but there is a free option; you can, but do not have to, donate.
  5. Select “Metanoia”, or watch any of their programing.

The Story of Salvation

Understand the “Big Picture” of the Bible. Curtis Martin and Dr. Edward Sri will walk you through a 12 week Bible Study, learning how all the stories you are already familiar with fit together to tell one story of God’s plan for Salvation and our Catholic Faith and discover what your role is in the story.

Prime Matters

Prime Matters exists to awaken the Catholic imaginative vision in Catholics and all people of goodwill. They have a variety of articles, podcasts, and videos applying our Catholic faith to various disciplines, professions, and current events. One great podcast is this one on the interior life by Msgr. Thomas J. Richter.

Saint Stories for Kids

Passing on the faith to the next generation, Saint Stories for Kids comes out with a new short story every week about the Saints. Listen to this weeks story now!

The Catechism in a Year

In 365 days, Fr. Mike Schmitz will read the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church, providing explanation, insight, and encouragement along the way. It started January 1st, but it is never too late to join! Listen to the podcast!


ACTS XXIX is a Catholic apostolate aimed at encouraging and equipping leaders for mission to bring the lost back. Read “Thoughts from the Trailer,” the ACTS XXIX blog.

FORMED gives you access to thousands of Catholic videos, audios and ebooks. On Demand anytime, anywhere! This online platform has rich, catholic content for all ages.
Ascension produces quality podcasts, videos, articles, and study materials to answer many of your faith related questions.
The Catholic Icing Website helps your family live liturgically by providing Catholic crafts and activities that coincide with the liturgical year.