Faith Formation

In case of questions or concerns, please use the following contact information:
Katrina Kolles
Phone number: 320-292-1575

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Communication with Remind

Please sign up for Remind notifications. This is how Katrina will weekly reminders and last minute notices out to everyone. You can still email, text, or call her if you need to.

The schedule for the All Saints Faith Formation is found below.

Link to the 2022-2023 Faith Formation Schedule Please note that the schedule does change as events come up.  Katrina Kolles will notify parents as changes occur.

Printable Mass Notes & Adoration Sheet for 2022-2023 Grades 7th-10th

Mass Notes dates: September 11, 2022-Turn in September 21, 2022 class; November 12, 2022-Turn in November 16, 2022 at GIFT; December 18, 2022 & January 1, 2023-Turn in January 1, 2023 class; February 5, 2023-Turn in February 8, 2023 at GIFT; March 5, 2023-Turn in March 8, 2023 at GIFT. Make up date for September 11 will be October 16, 2022-Turn in October 26, 2023 (This is for those who were not at parent night and did not get their binders/packets before the weekend of the 10th & 11th.)

Adoration needs to be done once a month from September to April for a minimum of 15 minutes. This does not need to be at Eucharistic Adoration, but does need to be done in a church and outside of class. A daily devotional can be found at look under devotion of the day. Otherwise read your Bible!

G.I.F.T. Nights 2022-2023 Grades 6th-10th

This year G.I.F.T. is for students in Grades 6-10. Students should be accompanied by a parent and this is class night where attendance is taken. If for some reason your student(s) is/(are) unable to attend G.I.F.T. Night please watch the videos below and write what you learned from them. Then hand them into your Faith Formation Coordinator/DRE.

November 16, 2022 GIFT Night Make up lesson-Watch this video and write a summary of it.

February 8, 2023 GIFT Night Make up lesson Watch this video and write a summary of it.

March 8, 2023 GIFT Night Make up lesson Watch this video and write a summary of it.

Thanksgiving Family Lesson and Game

Advent Reading Grades 6-10

Ash Wednesday Family Activity

Color construction paper can be picked up at All Saints-St. Hedwig’s. There is white, red, purple, and brown paper, please take one of each.

Grades K-5 Brother Francis video link.

Grades 6-10 Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT Restore video links.