Saints of the Month – September

“We believe in the communion of all the faithful of Christ, those who are pilgrims on earth, the dead who are attaining their purification, and the blessed in heaven, all together forming one Church; and we believe that in this communion the merciful love of God and His saints is ever listening to our prayers.”

– Saint Paul VI (Credo of the People of God, 30)

St. Teresa of Calcutta

Feast Day: September 5
Patronages: World Youth Day, Missionaries of Charity, and co-patron of Calcutta


It is true. I stand at the door of your heart, day and night. Even when you are not listening, even when you doubt it could be Me, I am there: waiting for even the smallest signal of your response, even the smallest suggestion of an invitation that will permit Me to enter.

I want you to know that each time you invite Me, I do come always, without fail. Silent and invisible I come, yet with a power and a love most infinite, bringing the many gifts of My Spirit. I come with My mercy, with My desire to forgive and heal you, with a love for you that goes beyond your comprehension…

I know you like the palm of my hand. I know everything about you. Even the hairs of your head I have counted. Nothing in your life is unimportant to Me. I have followed you through the years and I have always loved you even when you have strayed. I know every one of your problems. I know your needs and your worries and yes,  I know all your sins…

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St. Matthew

Feast Day: September 21
Patronages: Tax Collectors and Accountants

Matthew was a Tax Collector, a Jew who extorted his own people in order to satisfy their Roman oppressors. He was a sinner and was far from what someone in those days would have considered “holy.” And yet, Jesus called him to follow Him, to be one of his closest disciples. We only know about Matthew, because he said “yes” to this invitation.

Instead of having the safety and comfort of a home he was able to provide for himself, he was told to “carry no money belt, no bag, no shoes” and to rely completely on the generosity of others. And because he said “yes” to living a radical life following Jesus, he got to see miracles performed, hearts changed, and lives transformed first hand. Because he said “yes,” his life would never be the same.

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St. Padre Pio

Feast Day: September 23
Patronages: Civil Defense Workers and Adolescents

A Prayer to Jesus by St. Pio of Pietrelcina

Oh my Jesus,
give me Your strength
when my weak nature rebels
against the distress and suffering of this life of exile,
and enable me to accept everything
with serenity and peace.
With my whole strength I cling to Your merits,
Your sufferings, Your expiation, and Your tears,
so that I may be able to cooperate with You
in the work of salvation.
Give me strength to fly from sin,
the only cause of Your agony,
Your sweat of blood, and Your death.
Destroy in me all that displeases You
and fill my heart with the fire of Your holy love
and all Your sufferings.
Clasp me tenderly, firmly, close to You
that I may never leave You alone
in Your cruel Passion.
I ask only for a place of rest in Your Heart. Amen.

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Michaelmas Day – The Feast of the Archangels

Feast Day: September 29

St. Michael Patronages: Grocers, Paramedics, Police Officers, and Military Personnel

St. Raphael Patronages: Blindness, Happy Meetings, Nurses, Physicians, and Travelers

St. Gabriel Patronages: Messengers, Postal Workers, and Telecommunication Workers

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