Immaculate Conception Faith Formation


In case of questions or concerns, please use the following contact information:
Katrina Kolles
Phone number: 320-292-1575

Click here to view the Faith Formation Christmas Pageant that was performed on 1/5/2022

The schedule for the Immaculate Conception’s Faith Formation is found below.

Please note that the schedule does change as events come up.  Katrina Kolles will notify parents as changes occur.

Mass Notes and Adoration Prompts 2021-2022

G.I.F.F.T. Nights 2021-2022

For those who are unable to attend G.I.F.F.T. Nights please watch the videos below and write what you learned from them. Then hand them into your Faith Formation Coordinator/DRE. (They are separated by grade level.)

October 2021

6-10th Graders and Parents:

K-5th Graders:

November 2021

K-5: no suitable video on vocations for this age group

6-10 and parents:

January 2022


6/7-10 and parents:

February 2022

K-5: no suitable video on apologetics

6-10 and parents:

October Parent Education

Forgiven video 1:

Forgiven video 2:

Forgiven video 3:

January Parent Education

Presence video 1:

Presence video 2:

Presence video 3:

Confirmation Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2021!